The story so far

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

New Beginnings

Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, the galaxy is in a shuffle. Crime has increased due to the fact that criminals feel less threatened by the Empire after hearing the tiny Rebellion was able to destroy the Death Star. Rebels are now able to recruit sympathizers to their cause a little easier. The Empire is trying to keep its hold on the galaxy and doing what it can to locate the new base of the rebels. Small wars have begun in many systems, rival syndicates are battling for power and civil wars are happening on every planet. The entire galaxy is filled with great tension. Rumors of a new jedi counsel have been floating about. Small time freelancers see this as a time of great opportunity for a spike in their own credits. You find yourself on the planet Tatooine, located in the cantina in the city of Mos Eisley, a wretched hive of scum and villainy on this desert planet. Rumors lead some here to find work that pays well, either legal or illegal, and maybe the rebellion.

Destiny may be calling. One hopes, you are not already to drunk to hear it……

We find our hero’s located in a local cantina. Agrafena, a human Jedi, finds herself here on her travels. The planet Tatooine is location of the mission given to her by her master. Kelto, a Rodian Jedi, is also here in this town, here looking for the same place as Agrafena but for a different reason. After his master was slain, he traveled here to find the answers he needs to further his training. Lai Noolka is a local boy who has a great ability to pilot any craft but is finding himself between ships. As a duros, he finds work where it is available. As Agrafena enters the cantina, Kelto senses something familiar in the force. He notices the woman at the bar. But before he can act on his feelins, a small kid bursts into the bar screaming for help. On his heels a Zabrak that is intent on catching the boy. Before the Zabrak can get to him, Kelto finds it within himself to intervene. Without any luck, kelto is unable to defusse the situation with words. Lai has taken notice and heads in the direction on the group. The Zabrak offers to take it “outside” and promptly leaves the bar. Agrafena as joined the group at this point to help try to get the boy out. Kelto has a talk with the bartender but is unable to find a different way out of the bar. The 2 jedi decide to try to head outside to talk with the Zabrak again, leaving the boy behind.

Once outside they find themselves out numbered and threatened. The Zabrak and 3 friend surround them. Before the jedi know it a battle has begun. Agrafena takes down one thug and is able to strike fear in the Zabrak, causing him to flee. The remaining 2 thugs are no so lucky. Lai is able to aid the group by taking down one of the thugs. Kelto finishes the last one off by knocking him out. Kelto, not wanting to harm anyone, tries to revive the thug but does not succeed. Out of the shadows step a slender Twi’lek. She cautions the group and tell them to follow her.

Lai runs back to check on the boy but he is no longer in the bar. The group follows the female through a few back ally’s and to, what looks like, her home. After the group enters the house the female introduces herself as Akysa Nidor. After some conversation Akysa asks the group to join their cause. She wants them to do some smuggling for the rebellion. The group agrees, and is given their first mission, retrieve a illegal ship license from a black market dealer by the name of Gunther Diruno. The group is lead into a secret room within the home. Communication borads and maps are all over. along with a few beds and med center. The group is introduced to the other rebels. after a day of rest and healing the group sets out.

Retrieve the Ship License The morning of the mission the group gets ready and heads out. They make their way to the black market dealer’s shop. As they enter the shop they are greeted by Gunther Diruno, the Toydarian trader they were sent to see. After some conversation, Gunther offers Lai for future work, if he is interested and completes the transaction for the license. Once the transaction is complete, the door is kicked in and in walks a Stormtrooper with a orange shoulder pad and 2 more troopers behind him. “Halt, in the name of the Empire” shouts the trooper. “you are under arrest for the buying and selling of illegal goods.” After a brief attempt to talk their way out of the situation, the group engages the troopers. Lai is able to pick off a trooper with his blaster. Kelto shows his great defense by absorbing a blaster bolt. Agrafena shows her deadly use of a Lightsaber. After the brief skirmish, the group sneak out the back as gunther stays to clean up after them. The group returns to Akysa’s base of operations. Akysa is pleased to see them return and greatful for their help. A argument breaks out between the 2 jedi and Akysa. Akysa apoligized for the trouble but not in the best way and the group feels she put them in danger. She agrees that she did but that is one of the hazards of the job. She pleads with them to continue helping the rebellion. The group agrees but not as wholehearted as before. Akysa asks them to do one more mission before the smuggle run in 3 weeks. After this next mission the group is able to do what they need till the smuggle run.

Make the deal for the ship The group is sent to meet up with a local fixer to decide witch ship they want to use for the smuggle. Akysa states to show her gratitude, If they want to make payments on the ship they pick out, they can eventually purchase the ship. The group likes this idea and heads out to meet the fixer. When they arrive at the location, a warehouse, they head inside. They meet with a human named Kaz Marnel. Kaz discuses the ship and the pros/cons of each. The group decides on a YT-1260. After the deal is done, Kaz informs them to wait till he leaves, then they can leave. As the group heads toward the front of the warehouse, a dark figure drops down in front of them from the ceiling.

“I have sensed the 2 of you since your little battle in the streets a few days ago” says the dark figure to the jedi’s. The group stands in front of him wondering who he is.

“Now i will show you true power and release you of yours!”

The figure draws his Vibro-Blade…..

The group battle with the mysteriously cloaked human. He attacked relentlessly with his vibroblade nearly taking out both jedi. During the battle Duke’ Shire Venticus Loor showed up to assist. The only known force abilities the attacker displayed resulted from “raging” where he’d seem to glow with red energy. This allowed him to leap onto 15 foot tall shelves in the warehouse or other seemingly incredible feats of strength. Eventually he was taken down by Lai with a blaster bolt to the head. The assailant was revived by Kelto who transferred his vital energy into him in order to question him. All the group got was mockery however so Duke put him down.

Upon returning to the safe house, the group split up for a time each performing their own private missions. Kelto and Ogrifina journeyed to Obiwan’s house in search of an artifact Ografina was to bring to her master, Lai read, and Duke visited Gunther in search of a rare blaster rifle. At Obiwan’s, the jedi found a holocron in a hidden compartment in the wall after solving a riddle left with some sort of force rune. Unable to open it they promptly left the building only to encounter a mysterious cloaked man outside on a speeder bike. He introduced himself as Oreet Pag, a member of the Jedi Council. He said he was sent by Ografina’s master to make sure she completed the quest and to bring the holocron safely back. With no reason to doubt him, Ografina handed over her prize.

Once the group was reassembled, they set off to Anchorhead, but first they needed a job. Akysa sent them to meet another man named Vega who needed supplies smuggled into Anchorhead. The party set out and encountered two checkpoints. The first one was resolved by Ografina successfully mind tricking the imperial officer. The second was resolved by Kelto bribing the officer with his entire savings. Once in Anchorhead, they delivered the cargo to Tyron Pax who bid them a safe journey as they loaded up onto their ship and took off.

2 1/2 weeks later the team arrived on Hoth. They stayed a few hours there meeting the deck officer, Miko Odiah and received a job from Wedge Antilles. They were to go to Dantooine and rescue rebel prisoners from the Black Sun. Lai agreed to go but is hesitant. He didn’t want to get involved with the Black Sun. He agrees to fly but stay on the ship. The rest of the team goes to do the right thing and to have money to pay off part of the ship. Upon leaving hyperspace, the team is attacked by an unknown starfighter. Before the ship can land any attacks, Duke takes it out with a perfect shot.

The session ended with the group landing in the Bloodfin space port. They’re told to pay the deckhand after telling the comm officer that they plan to stay for a week for the standard rate of 200 credits per day. They’re planning on heading to the cantina to meet up with their contact: Jade Falstom.

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The story so far

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