Duke Shire Venticus Loor

Duke’ Shire Venticus Loor

Human Soldier / 6’ 2”, 220lb / age: 23

Shire Venticus Loor generally does what he can to avoid association with his family, often giving his name as ‘Duke Shire’ or simply ‘Duke’. He sometimes goes by the codename he used when he fought for a mercenary unit: ‘Libelous’. Shire generally will reveal his family name only under duress—or, in rare cases—to those he finds trustworthy (such as the Jedi Kelto), and only if the situation warrants it.

Perhaps luckily for Shire, none of his companions seemed aware of whom Kirtan Loor is, and was. Shire has heard tales of Wedge Antilles—Antilles was comrades and good friends with Corran Horn, while Kirtan is an imperial liasion to the Corellian Security Force to which Corran belonged. Fortunately, Wedge and Corran have not spoken on the subject matter of Kirtan Loor, yet. It is likely that had Wedge known Shire to be a relative of Kirtan, he would have assumed him to be an imperial spy.

Shire realised that his father was a megalomaniacal psychopath as he witnessed him allowing the killer of Corran Horn’s father to go free. Shire had been considering running away from his imperial trappings, and this cold-hearted act by his father finalised the decision. Shire would later come to realise that he’d been feeling a pull to get away from the imperialistic leanings of his family for a while, although he hadnt been able to act upon the urges.

Shire spent the next four years as a member of the Seventh Nova, a mercenary guerilla-warfare commando unit which has held operations in several star systems. The Seventh Nova disbanded, although its few surviving former members still maintain a tenuous network of contacts in order to provide backup, weaponry, supplies, and credits to one another as needed. Shire Loor remains closest with his comrade codenamed “Slaand’r”, a Ryloftian Bounty Hunter who mainly runs the outer-rim planets.

Shire is torn—part of him misses his mercenary days, but part of him enjoys freelancing.He is usually among the best fighters regardless of the group he is travelling with, and is often turned to for advice on military strategy. Shire enjoys fighting in the front lines—few things comfort him like the smell of a recharging blaster pack.

Three years ago, Shire became interested in the Force, and romantic tales of Jedi and Sith, Midi-Chlorians and lightsabers. He had previously considered approaching the Jedi council on Coruscant and begging to be taken as a padawan, but always reconsidered at the last moment due to his fear of being rejected. worse, he feared the Jedi elders would easily detect his lineage and his imperial ties. After discovering himself to be somewhat sensitive to the minute ebb and flow of the force, Shire began to pour himself into learning its teachings, all while mainting a sharp trigger finger. He has learned a few minor force powers, which he does his best to keep secret. The Sith uprising and destruction of the Jedi council broke his heart and has made him cynical about life.

Upon being sent on a smuggling mission by Kaz, a rebel sympathiser, Shire was surprised to meet the Jedi who were along for the mission. His instinct told him to keep his abilities to himself until needed in battle, although he has mistakenly assumed that the Jedi would immediately detect his command of the Force. He has taken a liking to both, although he has already begun to see Kelto as a possible mentor. Secretly, he feels somewhat shamed for achieving a grasp of the Force without the consent and blessing of a Jedi, and wonders if it will alarm his new allies.

Shire’s primary goals in life have taken a shift, recently—no longer is his personal creed ‘shoot things, save the galaxy, and make lots of money’. Instead, he now wants to focus on doing good wherever possible, for he believes this will allow him to atone for his father’s evil misdeeds. Anytime he is able to do the empire harm of any kind, big or small, he feels he has gotten closer to his destiny in life. He often daydreams about a confrontation with his father—a very public and humiliating one, if possible. Secondarily, learning more about the Force and specifically the Jedi way of life makes him feel as if his existence has meaning.

Although he is not yet able to admit it, Shire also fantasises about becoming an unheralded leader of the rebel alliance. He is reluctant to choose sides, however; he fears the day when he will be forced to choose between the rebel alliance and the remnants of The Seventh Nova. He has heard stories of a rebellion triumph over a massive, planet-sized, star station, and his brief conversation with with Wedge has only confirmed his feeling that the empire can—and must—be defeated.

Duke Shire Venticus Loor

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