New beginnings

Session 6

We pick up with the hero’s taking a day and a half rest. Once their wounds are tended to, speak with Barin about the Fell star. Barin really only provides them with little explanation. He reveals it my be a Sith relic. The group heads off to find the second part of their mission. Barin leads the trough the Fissure’s District. A district filled with life and fresh cooking. After about a hour or 2, Barin leads them to a cave entrance. “This is it!” he yells.

The group enters the cave and encounter a small group of mining droids. At first this seems normal, until the droids attack them. The droids put up a good fight but where handed defeat at the hands of the hero’s.

After about another hour of travel, the group enters a large cavern with deep chasm on each side. The footing is tough do to low gravity, but made even tougher by the 2 giant spiders and live in the cave. Duke, in the heat of battle, may have tipped his hand to the group of his force abilities in order to save Agrafena, but this has not been brought up by the group. The Hero’s defeat the spiders and the annoying mynocks and continue on.

After another hour of travelling in the damp cave the finally find what they are looking for, The Fell Star. Along with some fine Corrillian Whiskey and 20,000 credits worth of gold and silver bullion. The group load up The Fell Star, the gold and some whiskey and head back to the ship.

on the way back, the group is ambushed by a tough group of Sable Dawn thugs. Again the Sable Dawn showed their powers of the dark side, unleashing force lighting on Solan, almost killing him. But the group was able to defeat them and make their way back to the ship to make the journey back to tatooine.



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