New beginnings

Session 5

Agrafena and Duke rejoined to group on Tatooine. After the pair were brought up to speed of the recent events they also found that 2 other members would not be able to join the group for a short time. Lai is MIA, possibly in some cantina somewhere on Tatooine. Barto, as quick as he came in, he disappeared. The group, knowing they are on a time crunch, continue on with there mission.

Their next clue to find Barin, was to check his local hang out and locate his partner Cel. The group heads off to the Woodoo Dunes. I local pub not know for it’s high class patrons. The group is able to corner Cel and defeat a group of hooligans. The Jedi is able to get a few answers from Cel, but it’s Solan’s intimidation methods that allows them to find out where Barin is headed. Cel informs them that Barin asked for a pilot and ship to get him off Tatooine. Cel was able locate a pilot named Phellip that flew a ship called the Mad Line. He also informed them that he was headed to Point Nadar.

The group heads back to the rebel outpost that is ran by their old friend Akysa. The group has a breif talk with their current boss, Prello. They inform her that they know where Barin is headed to Point Nadar. Prello, not happy about the location, gives them the current coordinates and the docking code.

The group heads off to Point Nadar. This time, after a little tinkering with the ship, Solan is able to shave a week off the total time of the trip. The group arrives at Point Nadar and lands in the Slips district. After a brief talk with the deck officer they are able to locate the docking bay of the Mad Line and the ships pilot, Phellip. The four adventures had off to the docking bay in hopes of finding Barin, or at least answers of where he might be. What they end up finding is a dead pilot. As the group discovers this, a new much larger group discovers them. Local law enforcers ask the team to turn over their weapons and come with them. The group agrees and is taken into the local under boss, Pusell. After some interogation, Pusell shows them the tapes of the docking bay for the Mad Line. The group sees the leader of a local crime syndicate walk onto the Mad Line and then off. Probably when the pilot was killed. Pusell knows that Point Nadar is hive of scum and villainy, but the group responsible for this act, The Sable Dawn, need to be stopped before they get out of hand.

Pusell informs the group that Barin is probably in one of the many safe-houses in the area. He points the toward a local info broker to provide them with further answers, for a price of course. The group heads out to the Down Low, the office of the info broker. After being told that the price of the info on Barin would be 1500 credits, the Jedi decides to let the info broker know that there is no need of a price to be paid. The broker agrees and provides the location of Barin.

The group then heads out to the safe-house to find what they are here for. Agrafena and Duke go undercover and are able to get in the safe-house for the price of 2000 credits a week. Once in Duke cases the joint and comes up with a few ideas on how to get the rest of the team into the building. Outside, there is different story, Luka and Solan notice a small group of thugs that seemed to be dressed the same as the group that killed the pilot of the Mad Line. Before Solan is able to act on the situation, a bomb explodes on the side of the building. The Sable Dawn thugs are making a daring attempt to kill or kidnap Barin. Agrafena, using here saber as a key, is able to get into Barin’s room, only first met with a blaster bolt to the body. Duke, Solan and Luka are able to defeat the Sable Dawn thugs, with some help of a few poorly skilled security guards. Although the group was able to see what they were up against, as the thugs showed their training in the darkside, with the showing of force choke and force lighting.

Barin agrees to leave with the group but only if they agree to help him find the fellstar. They agree and head back to the ship to rest and heal.



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