New beginnings

Session 4

As the group arrives at Eco base on hoth, moral is low. They just lost a member of the team and a friend to some. After a short rest they speak with Lt. Antillies. He lets them know of a job well done and pays them for their work. He advises them to get some rest and to think about recruit a few new members if they want to take on the next mission.

Lai and Luka head off to the mess hall to maybe find a few new recruits. They first run in with BARTO, a Trandosian. He agrees to assist with their next mission. They also recruit a young rebel named Solan Myec, a human that likes to gamble from time to time.

The newly formed group returns to Wedge to find out their next mission. Lt. Antillies informs them that their new job is not proud moment for the rebellion, but supplies and credits are needed and in times of war dirty dealings are had. He tells them their next mission is for Prello the Hutt, a under-boss on Tatooine. Their old contact Akysa would meet and take the group to Prello.

After the long hyperspace jump, and a minor mishap with the ships engines, the group arrives on Taooine. They meet up with Akysa and then Prello. Prello informs them of the mission she needs taken care of. Prello has a buyer that is looking for a relic called, The Fell Star. Her Balthazar, Barin was in the process of retrieving the artifact, but has gone missing in the process. She has hired the group to locate Barin first and for most, but would also like to satisfy her client as well. She provides them with the info to get them on their way.

First stop for the new detectives, is to drop by the home of Barin. Once at the apartment, they run into small resistance from a group of thugs, who at the time, were beating Barins current roomate for intel on the whereabouts of Barin. The group is able to defeat the thugs and gather some info on Barin. They are told to check out his storage locker and his local hangout.

The group heads of to their next clue. Inside the storage building, another, tougher, group of thugs try to ambush the team. The group bested the bad guys and located another clue, a datapad in Barin’s unit that contains the word “Nadar”.

Session ends.



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