New beginnings

Session 3

2 members are on leave. Duke and Agrafina departed on a fuel station to handle some personnel matters. Knowing that they needed at least another member they picked up a rebel named Luka. Luka is a Zabrek Scout. The group headed off to dantooine and got to know one another. Once they arrived on dantooine, they made their way to the meeting point located in the local cantina.

Kelto tried to bribe the bartender for information about the female contact, named Jade, they were supposed to met, but was unsuccessful. In the mean time Luka was talking with the other females in the cantina to try to locate their contact. Kelto and Lai were going to approach 2 men that the bartender pointed the guys to, but on their way to the table they were intercepted by the female contact they were looking for.

The group headed outside to speak with the contact about the mission. Jade informed them she had 2 speeders behind the cantina. On their way to the back of the cantina, they ran into the 2 gentlemen from the cantina. They recognized Jade. a shoot out ensued and and one of the thugs jumped on a speeder and fled. The group were able to put down the solo thug and preceded to chase the other thug. After a short chase and a brief run in with a rancor, they found themselves at a communication outpost. after a hard fought battle, the group was able to move on with their mission.

Jade leads the group to the old imperial prison that is now being used by the Black Sun. They notice the prison is heavily guarded on the outside, good thing that jade knows of a back way into the prison. Jade leads the to a grate and informs them this is the way thay want to use. Jade stays outside to gaurd the entrance to make sure no one gets the jump on the group. The group enters the base emerging in a storage room. They find a communications room and are able to defeat the enemies with ease. The group locates the prison block and is able to put down the guard and the Warden droid. Lai and Luka release the captive rebel prisoners they were here to rescue. Before the group could make their break, they find themselves staring at a Black Sun Captain and 2 mysteriously masked people. During the battle Kelto is able to slice one of the masked fighters in half. after doing do he turns and points his saber at the other. After a flurry of moves between the two, the masked fighter is able to land a killing blow to the jedi. Only to soon find this only angers the group. He is quickly finished off.

Down a member the group flees as fast as possible. They meet up with Jade and return to the city. Luka grabs the ship and picks up the group and they head of into hyperspace, destination, Hoth.



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